AutoTech Effect

It all began with a conversation about the digital transformation of the automotive industry. We knew we had to adapt to the times and adjust our processes to benefit agents, dealers, and the end consumer. Digital retailing is everywhere, and the automotive industry craved amore modern approach. In an industry hesitant to make the shift, the idea was to create a dialogue and freely share that information with anyone ready to take that leap.

Our first annual AutoTech Effect series at NADA Show 2019 brought together forward-thinking speakers to discuss technology's future in the automotive space. These talks turned into a thought - why not expand the conversation? We wanted to give viewers something they could take with them and deploy in their space, even outside of auto. With a focus on providing digital solutions for today's connected traveler and the knowledge of just how significant this transformation is, the AutoTech Effect series evolved into a tradition.

The conversations have expanded into the world of data, connectivity, IoT, insurance, and better end-to-end consumer experiences. Recognizing how people buy cars, share data, and utilize transportation is ever-changing, the goal is to identify the future now, and not wait for tomorrow.

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