General Motors Launches OnStar Insurance: Data, Transparency, and Value

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January 11, 2021
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Katie DeGraaf


Katie DeGraaf

Head of Telematics

Katie DeGraaf brings her passion for making our roads safer to General Motors in her role leading insurance telematics for OnStar Insurance. In this role, Katie focuses on unlocking the value of the largest connected vehicle fleet worldwide to understand driving risk and modernize the insurance product. Prior to joining GM, she has spent nearly two decades leveraging data to improve accuracy and better serve customers in leadership roles at both Arity and Willis Towers Watson. She has a wealth of insurance domain knowledge, having worked with more than 50 companies - insurers, telecoms and auto manufacturers - on five continents to deploy telematics programs for insurance applications and in product and pricing at Liberty Mutual and Allstate Insurance.


OnStar Insurance

OnStar Insurance

In November 2020, GM announced that its focus on a world-class customer experience would be taken to the next level—OnStarInsurance Services. With over 20 years of giving consumers confidence in their vehicle protection with emergency services, navigation, and diagnostics, this move places them as an innovative industry leader. By offering fair quotes, based on vehicle usage, not demographics, and coming in with the transparency that’s always been a part of their mission, this announcement was sure to disrupt the industry.

Over the next few years, OnStar Insurance Services plans to develop a digital insurance experience that is:

  • SECURE: In the future, if an accident occurs, OnStar Insurance policyholders who have an OnStar Safety & Security plan will have added peace of mind knowing that Automatic Crash Response can notify an OnStarEmergency-certified Advisor who can send for help.
  • FAIR: OnStar Insurance Services is working with its insurance carrier partners to offer insurance that takes biased judgement out of insurance shopping by focusing on factors within the customer’s control:individual vehicle usage and rewarding smart driving habits that benefit road safety.
  • PERSONALIZED: With advanced technology and data-backed analyses of driving behavior, OnStar Insurance Services plans to build on the learnings of the OnStar Smart Driver feature to provide proactive recommendations for smarter driving habits so customers can drive more safely and potentially earn discounts.
  • EASY TO USE: OnStar will work to provide customers with a seamless insurance shopping experience. With OnStar Insurance Services, convenient online support will be available, and OnStar Insurance Services’ agents will stand ready to help customers with insurance needs.

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